Greycloud Studios currently offers the following performance options.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us anyway, and we can refer you to someone in our network of top-notch entertainers.

Dance of Morgiana –

Morgiana performing with band Amun Raqs at Luvfest 2013
Morgiana performing with band Amun Raqs at Luvfest 2013

Flexible enough to work well with your own live music*, DJ, or supply her music, Morgiana adds brilliantly to the energy and ambiance of a party.  Your guests will be delighted as she performs Arabic style Belly Dance that is suitable for a family event.  She has a variety of costuming available to fit your event’s theme colors, or to appease more conservative guests.  Performance could include a more formal stage set, or dancing from table to table, or around a room, engaging and welcoming guests, possibly even giving a short lesson or two!

* Morgiana can work with many types of bands, but if you would like to save some time and energy looking for one, we can recommend some fantastic local musicians.


Sean Miller, Magician in The Corner – 

Sean brings his own unique stylings to the art of close-up magic. Specializing in cards, coins, and tableware, he dazzles your patrons with wonderment and puzzlement. Not only does he present illusions with cards, he often uses that deck to tell a story from times gone by. Using shot glasses he keeps one step ahead of your patrons in a wonderous routine where-in the glasses are never able to wind up the same way twice. In the end, he lets everyone in on the secret. He also takes ordinary forks and napkins and through the force of his mind and the manipulation of his hands turns both into roses right before the eyes of your patrons.


Balloon Sculpting – Not just for kids, we have a blast creating unique and beautiful balloon sculptures for adults as well, from elaborate hats and bracelets to balloon “dates” and anything else that patrons can imagine.  The first major difference between how we approach balloon art is that we focus on entertaining your patrons our first priority instead of how many balloon sculptures we can create or how intricate they are. We began sculpting balloons for over ten years and, as such, we can guarantee that you along with your patrons will see balloon sculptures like you never seen before.